VP Technology & Development

Dr. Brice Jamieson is ELIX’s resident expert in magnetic materials and magnetically-enhanced devices for power conversion and transmission. From 2011 to 2014, he was a Scientist in the Power Electronics group at the ABB Corporate Research Centre in Kraków, Poland working on magnetic components and devices for high-power systems and in subsea power conversion. Prior to this he studied and worked in the design and fabrication of high-frequency, integrated micro-power devices and advanced soft ferromagnetic materials for microelectronic power conversion.

Dr. Jamieson received his Ph.D. in Microelectronic Engineering in 2010 from the National University of Ireland – University College Cork, where he studied at Tyndall National Institute. He has a B.E. in Engineering Physics and a B.Sc (3-year) in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan.